1. Administrator data and coordinates:

PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD, city of Sofia, bul. Bulgaria № 18,  7th floor, аp.28, Bulstat: 200674481, represented by Zheniq Dionisieva,  telephone: 0899 92 19 39,  e-mail:

2. Purpose of the processing and the legal basis for it.

At PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD, personal data is processed as part of the services provided by Apart Hotel Dawn Park in Sunny Beach on the basis of a legal requirement according to the applicable legislation, regulating the order and the way of carrying out the activity in the sphere of tourism business. These are specific goals that serve the context of the company's statutory activity and processes related to the processing of personal data. The stated goals for processing of personal data are only and exclusively professionally oriented and only in the context of the legally regulated activities of the company.
3. Recipients of personal data (organizations to which the processed data is transferred)

In accordance with the fulfillment of the legal requirements in the conduct of their business, PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD transmits information containing personal data back to the companies and organizations from which it receives them, to the state authorities (NAP, TM, NSSI, NOI, RZI and etc.), banking institutions

4. Deadline for storing personal data
The maximum period of retention of personal data by the administrator is 50 years, it refers to the data contained in the employment records of the employees and the health records of the serviced workers. This period is statutory and 30 days for unofficial documents containing one or another type of data.

5. Right of access, correction and / or deletion of personal data

Each subject of personal date (individual) has the right to request from the administrator access to his or her personal data, to be corrected or deleted under certain conditions (when their processing is no longer in accordance with the purposes). Each subject has the right to restrict the processing of personal data related to him or her, solely and only for the purposes specified by law, as well as the right to object to the processing when it does not meet the preliminary purposes or there is no legal basis for it.  Each subject has a right to data portability when it is required by a change in the circumstances.

6. Right of appeal to a supervisory authority
Every subject to personal data has the right of appeal to the supervisory authority KZLD when he/she considers that his/her personal data are not processed lawfully and appropriately, which may violate his/her rights.

7. Circumstances under which personal data are collected and processed

When conducting its business PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD does not collect personal data for commercial purposes. The provision of personal data is on the basis of legal requirements and in this sense it is obligatory.

The other grounds are a contractual requirement, a requirement necessary for the conclusion of a contract, or preparation of a specific official document. Under all these circumstances, the subject, being aware of the purpose and reason for the processing, should voluntarily provide the requested data, although this is his legal obligation. However, in the event of refusal, although unjustified, this may lead to the administrator's (PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD) failure to fulfill a legal obligation, and for that reason the person is required to do so in writing (refusal to provide personal data) by describing his motives.

8. Automated decision making on subjects and profiling
PRIME DEVELOPMENTS CO EAD does not implement automated systems for generating decisions related to personal data subjects, and does not perform profiling for commercial purposes. Only partial profiling processes are performed in relation to an acquired right under contractual relations with a subject.


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